Friday, February 29, 2008

More Rant

Attorney General Gary King has put the warning to State Land Commissioner Pat Lyons that he is overstepping his authority on making sweetheart deals with land developers and others. King says that Lyons no bid contracts are violating state law. This will put the skids on his questionable dealing with Las Cruces developer Philip Phillopu. Fellow blogger Heath Haussamen has a good round up on this issue.(posted yesterday) Strangely, is has gotten little play in other media so far. They should start paying attention real quick because there are a lot of these deals out there.

One has to wonder if this will help slow down the Pinon tree powered generating plant in Estancia. Lyons gave a sweetheart deal to those developers to clear thousands of acres of our beloved state tree to burn as a fuel source. That was a no bid contract too.

I hope PNM, who has contracted to buy some of this power, will soon back out of the deal. It stinks all the way around and is hardly a renewable energy project that they like to brag about.

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