Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Front Line

It is amazing that Senator Pete Domenici continues to be the front line for the Oil and Gas industry in New Mexico. It is also not surprising that the state and now Santa Fe County are the front line against the oil and gas industry's bullying attitude in the Land of Enchantment.

Domenici issued a statement this week criticizing the Richardson administration's support for new regulations on making the oil and gas boys clean up their messes in New Mexico. Domenici's biggest supporters historically have been the Oil Industry and especially Yates Petroleum. Senator Pete is complaining that the new rules will cost the companies a lot of money. These are the guys that are raking in record profits in an orgy of greed unparalleled in recent history. Pete has even protected them from windfall profit taxes and the nation's deficit grows to unfathomable proportions. All this happens as oil approaches $4 a gallon by summer. Maybe that expensive gas will ultimately do in the industry as it makes just about every other alternative fuel look even better.

Enter the Santa Fe County Commission on another oil and gas matter. They have enacted a 6 month embargo on any drilling in the Galisteo basin. This comes on top of a six month moratorium enacted by the Governor's office.

The Front Line in battling the Oil and Gas industry now rests pretty much with local government and it will remain that way until bush leaves office. That will be just 11 months from now.

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