Monday, June 08, 2009

2010 Politics

Right now I would have a tough time telling you who the next Governor and Lt. Governor might be. Those races are far from over and will hinge on issues that are out of the control of the candidates. It is lining up as we could expect right now with Lt. Governor Diane Denish raking in the money. She is a favorite and will win the Primary. The General election is far from certain.

However, I think the state of the Republican party is such that they will tear themselves apart again. Still, a moderate GOP candidate could do well. But can a moderate get through the GOP Primary? Not as long as the religious right continues their role in NM Politics. A friend of mine happened to watch one of the Albuquerque's Mega Church's preacher on Fox this weekend. This person was railing against the Supreme Court being stacked with liberals who 'make law' and ignore the constitution. This guy said only conservatives cared abut the constitution. In other words...Obama's selections are all spawned of Satan. This is the kind of stuff that rules the republican party. Mark my words. These fundamentalists will run the next GOP Governor's candidate.

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