Thursday, June 04, 2009

Guns and Hilary

Members of our delegation in Washington should be flexing their p.r. muscle right now to exert pressure to get New Mexico's Hillary Tompkins nomination as Solicitor for the Department of the Interior voted on. One wing nut Senator from Oklahoma is stopping the process as he does his bidding for the NRA on the issue of guns in the National Parks. Jeff Bingaman has weighed in and now Congressman Martin Heinrich needs to speak up about this. He is a moderate on gun issues and has the support of the NRA. Both Martin and I worked with Hilary when she was the Governor's general counsel. Hilary always gave wise advice. She really needs to be confirmed and then get to work at Secretary Ken Salazar's side.

Hilary is a Navajo and it is interesting to see while this drama is going on that the few remaining Navajo code talkers from World War II are dying.

On another issue. If anyone wants to attend the swearing in of the new MRGCD Board members it will be on Monday at 6pm at the board room on south second street.

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