Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hilary Tompkins got confirmed finally. The republicans in the Senate threw in the towel and let her take her job. I think Jeff Bingaman deserves credit for getting this done. Secretary Ken Salazar definitely needs someone loyal to him in the Solicitor's Office. He has been given a little bad advice from bush holdovers.

He needs to make sure that the rest of his folks get confirmed soon. We are almost 6 months into the administration and too many people are still awaiting the go a head on taking their jobs. At Interior they still need to get the BLM Director in office. I understand that won't be until August. That is not good because I know for a fact that some bush holdovers in that agency are up to no good.

However, New Mexico is well represented at the Interior Department. Here are those who have recieved confirmable and non confirmable appointments. Ned Farquhar-Deputy Assistant Secretrary of Lands and Mineral Managment, Sylvia Baca-Deputy Assistant Secretrary of Lands and Mineral Managment, Ray Rivera-Head of the External and Intergovernmental Affairs Dept., Hilary Tompkins as Interior's Solicitor, and a few others who will be named soon.

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