Sunday, June 14, 2009


The election results in Iran remind me of the election results when bush was suffered on us for another four years by an idiot majority. Well, it is easy for democracies to make mistakes and perhaps Iran has made one as big as our country did. The thing to remember is that it was done by the voters and you have to accept it. Some people are crying foul saying the whole thing was rigged. That also reminds me of Florida's role in the original bush election.

One of my favorite people at the Governor's office was Hilary Tompkins. She was counsel to the Governor for a few years before having a baby and staying home for a while. She is now suffering through a horrendous confirmation fight in the US Senate to be named Solicitor of the Department of Interior. Wingnut republicans keep putting 'holds' on her confirmation vote for little reason other than to show they still can screw things up. They say it isn't personal, but I can tell you that is hard to understand. Hilary and her family have moved to the DC area and she is still not drawing a salary. She has to pay a mortgage and other expenses while not working! And the republicans say it is not personal. Soon I would expect some real back lash to the GOP over this as the nation's native americans wonder why she has been treated this way. Hilary is a Navajo who should be treated with more respect for her accomplishments.


Bosque Bill said...

It is hard to tell from here... probably impossible to tell from anywhere, but there is no guarantee that the Iranian electorate DID re-elect the incumbent.

Of course the Republicans are pointing to the Iranian election as proof of the failure of President Obama's policy for reaching out to the Muslim world. Sheesh!

Eloise Gift, CRS, GRI said...

Congratulations on your continuing service to New Mexico through your online messages.

Katie&Nick said...

Jim my sources in Interior claim that the Tompkins confirmation hold up is due to Republicans pushing for approval of O & G leases in the final throws of the bush administration that are now on hold