Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Same ole...Same ole

There was a story today in the Journal about the NM cattle growers saying they did not see a need for a new animal identification system being considered by the U.S. Agriculture Department. The cowboys think the 120 year old system works just fine and they also feel their privacy would be invaded if they went to the new system. Tracking disease is the reason for the proposed system but the cowboys want no part of it. I have to say if any of them use the internet or email they don't have any privacy anyway. Phones too! sounds a lot like the arguments against a new health care system, doesn't it? The old system works just fine?

Eating less meat would probably help in both instances cited above, but those sirloins from Costco are too good!

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Rodney said...

Only thing I can figure is, either the cattle growers worry they won't get paid as much since the don't have as many "units" as they claim, or someone will find out they're running more "units" on a lease than they're supposed to. Why else would they object? Shear Luddite stupidity?