Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I notice that the people in Dona Ana county have finally approved the selling of beer and wine in restaurants that don't have full service liquor licenses. This is some 27 years after they could have done so. I was one of the people at the helm that passed this law back in 1981. I was State Liquor Director at the time and we worked hard at reforming corrupt laws that saw the value of licenses climb to as much as $700,000. The value of licenses was supposed to by zero by now, but the legislature reversed the many reforms in the 90's and the value of full service licenses have now climbed back up. One recently sold for almost 500k in Taos. This is corrupt and the legislature needs to tell the liquor lobbyists to take a hike and fix this problem once again.

I was whining yesterday about ATT's horrible wireless service in my neighborhood in Albuquerque. They really don't care you know. On the plus side I called the Apple store yesterday after they announced they cut prices on our model IPhone by 50%. We had bought ours three weeks ago. They said come on in and we will give you a refund of 50%. We went in and they did. Good for them.

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