Monday, June 08, 2009

ATT Sucks

So, we finally get our I-phones about a month ago and sign up with ATT. We had pretty carefully checked to make sure the phones would work in the I-40 and Rio Grande Area. The ATT maps said...go for it. We went for it. They dont work here at our house. After four phone calls and an expenditure of $600 for phones and service we got called by ATT and were told, "the service in your neighborhood is really bad and it would be worse in your house. We have no plans to make it better. It doesnt matter what our maps said because the contract says in the small print....blah blah blah." In other words, "screw you".

It is hard to believe that after corporate America has so bloodied itself that this kind of crap still happens. Now, what should a sane person do? We like the phones since they work in other parts of the city. Should I get on the phone and call the ATT CEO and tell him, 'screw you"? Or should I call the Attorney Generals Fraud Division and ask them to take the case? Of course not. But some day maybe we can figure out a way to get even.


Cardinale said...

First off, you bought new iphones days before they start shipping the new and improved iPhone GS??? Return them and get the new ones.

About the reception, get one of these, if you phone works outside your house, this will fix your problem, worked for a client of mine: (Amazon Link)

Noelle said...

See, should've waiting until the exclusivity contract b/n Apple and ATT was over... Verizon will have iphone next year. I'm holding my breath. =)