Monday, June 29, 2009


On Friday afternoon in the House of Representatives our three New Mexico Congressmen all voted for the climate change bill that will, once the Senate works it over, change the way we produce energy in our country. It was especially gutsy for Congressman Harry Teague to vote for it but he did it.

We had concluded our meetings in DC about 2 PM on Friday and I raced back to the Double Tree Hotel to watch the debate on CSPAN. The hotel's cable system did not have it. I then started looking at CNN, HLN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and none of them were carrying it. They were spending their time on the death of Michael Jackson. There was a continuing loop of Jackson's body in a helicopter for several hours.

Now, this is bizarre. While the most important piece of legislation dealing with the future of the planet was being debated, flawed as it is, the only thing America's Journalists could conjure up were nauseous stories about the talented rock star and films of him grabbing his crotch and doing the moon walk.

Life is too short.

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