Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Somewhere in the Distance a Dog Barked

It was one of those moments. Last night about eight I went to the MRGCD website and found out all the incumbents were defeated in the MRGCD election. After a 20 year hiatus in the wilderness the Board will now have new and progressive leaders. I hope the remaining Board members get it. Adrian Oglesby and Karen Dunning won by huge margins. Although I would guess once again that the turnout in this stealth election was less than 4%.

I have lots of advice for the new Board. So do a lot of people and I plan on going to their first meeting to congratulate them. Then they need to be careful about electing a chairman.

Here is the roof plan for the 16 solar panels that will go up on my roof. They are pretty much spread all over the place. They will be mostly invisible from the street. Click on the image to make it bigger.

1 comment:

Bosque Bill said...

Now THAT's change we can believe in!

I hope you will be able to remind us, via your blog, when it is time for the MRGCD meeting.