Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Bankers

I think there are a lot of busy bankers out there today.  New regulations for credit cards have gone into effect.   Bankers are busy because they will work hard to find ways around the new regs and stick it to Americans.  I kind of look at it like I look at the airlines right now.  They will make a buck anyway they can no matter how badly they have to put the screws to their customers.  Yes, their customers who pay to get from one place to another.  Now if you are a senior citizen who gets chilled easy you get to pay $8 for the use of a bacteria soaked blanket from the airline.

I wonder if corporate America really understands how fed up consumers are getting with these 'gotcha' tactics.  I know that I am trying my best to book any international travel on foreign airlines that still seem to think a customer is a valued commodity.  I am thinking about leaving Bank of America who took my mortgage payoff a few months ago and hid it for two weeks and refused to say where it had been.  Maybe it is time for a local credit union membership again.

And our republicans say we don't need to regulate the banks and airlines.

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