Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Am Screwed

Many people who know me realize that I have a severe hearing problem.  It started in 1969 in the U.S. Air Force when I was caught in the danger zone of a jet fighter turbine without adequate ear protection.  A student pilot at Luke Air Force Base turned the wrong way.  The ear protectors we  had were little hollow rubber plugs.  Worthless.

I have had constant ringing in my ears ever since that day and about a 40% hearing loss.  I have now spent 10K on hearing aids.  They help.  I suffered one instance of total hearing loss for three days in one ear about three years ago.  Steroids brought back some of it.

This morning the good ear went.  It had been giving me trouble and I had been attempting to get into to see a Doctor. No appointments until April 1st were available.  Today I begged them to get in and got no where.  I went to my hearing aid specialists who said I needed to get in ASAP.  So now I am going out the door to an ER in hopes they can clear the ear.

I can't get veterans benefits because I am told I make to much money. I can't get in to see a Doc because our healthcare is so rationed.  So I will need to go clutter up an urgent care where some one might have more serious problems.

And the republicans insist we need do nothing about health care in this country.

Update:  3 PM   I got into an urgent care and a nurse fixed me up.  It worked out okay.  Just some left over problem from an ear infection.  As it turns out it could have been worse.


Teresa Blankmeyer Burke said...

I hope that your sudden hearing loss can be treated quickly. If it is any consolation, cochlear implants (unlike hearing aids) are covered by health insurance.

Unfortunately, I've been bugging Heinrich to cosponsor the Hearing Aid Tax Credit Bill (HR1646) and have had no response so far. (Yes this bill is limited, but it is a start). I've been bitterly disappointed that we have no cosponsors from New Mexico on this bill, which has broad cosponsorship from across the spectrum (Eleanor Holmes Norton to Michele Bachman). Harkin proposed proposed a similar bill in the Senate (S 1019) but again, no NM support yet.

"The Cowboy Professor" or "THE Big J !" said...

(delete this if you want) Frank Magid has passed away. I, like many others, would enjoy some insight on what direction he changed tv and radio journalism during your early career at KOAT; as well as any other insights and remembrances you have about the state of that media today as compared to what had been historically. Thank you in advance.

Mike said...


If your loss of hearing was the result of a service connected activity while on active duty in the Air Force, you are entitled to benefits. Of course, you will need documentation. Your service medical records would reflect the hearing problem, IF you went to the medic or sick call. It is worth a shot to try. Ask John Garcia, I think he will agree with me.

Mike Sanchez