Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Counting the Days

Governor Bill Richardson, my old boss, must truly be counting the days until he leaves the Governorship.  After his latest poll numbers show him in the tank for popularity with the state's citizens he must wonder what has happened.  I can say, from experience, that the Albuquerque Journal is what happened.  Between the paper's constant repetition of stories on State Investment Council problems which have never convincingly been connected to the Governor, and the papers increasingly republican/negative editorial views it is a wonder he is still standing at all.

I endured the same treatment as Mayor for four years.  Some of my problems were self inflicted combat with city councillors, but mainly I was dead meat at the Journal for wanting smart growth principles to take root in our planning efforts.  That didn't serve the Journal's advertisers well.  So I suffered the slings and arrows of their editorial board for four years.  It added up, just like it is for the Governor now.  It should be no surprise.

There is also something at work here I call personality fatigue.  It happened with Mayor Marty Chavez when the voters just decided he needed to go.  That may be as big a factor as Journal ranting.

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Baca, I have always respected you for you honest liberal views and your loyalty to your friends. Honesty and loyalty are two or the most important traits of a good public servant, but your continued defense of Governor Richarson is really going beyond loyal. While the Goverenor has done much to move NM forward, the corruption of his administration and other Democrat officeholders is just too much. He has been one of the most hands on Governor in our lifetime and to assert he had no control of the SIC is not beleivable.
Perhaps the Governor's low standing is the result of the worst economy in years and his refusal to make the tough choices to bring the size of government into line. Keeping his friends on the government dole at high salaries, while asking me to cough up more of my private sector earned income to the State as taxes goes beyond just bad judgement. When he fires the 100's of political appointees and admits the Railrunner is a huge drag on the State's ecomomy, perhaps he can convince the taxpaying public that he deserves higher poll ratings.