Thursday, February 18, 2010


I was opining to a friend the other day that at least the New Mexico Legislature, compared with the U.S. Congress, will usually complete their work even if it takes a few days in a special session.  I wonder if I spoke too soon as I see things melted down in silly debate in the last few hours of the session today.  Is this stuff rolling around in Congress contagious?  Or is our system of politics just permanently broken because of the power of special interests and intellectually challenged radio talk show hosts?  They make quite a team.

I was at coffee this morning with a long time politics observer and we decided that in Congress, at least, the young members just need to take control of things. Form a caucus and raise hell. The leadership folks are not providing leadership and the long time members are just too entrenched to compromise.  The same may be true in Santa Fe now.  If you look at the leadership they have been around for decades and may have lost sight of why they are there.  Attempting to pass regressive tortilla taxes rather than progressive income taxes might make my point.

I still have hope for the process in Santa Fe.  Fool that I am.

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