Friday, February 19, 2010


The headline in the Albuquerque Journal today was backward.  It said "Pilot Mad at IRS Crashes into Office."  It should have said, "Mad Pilot Crashes into IRS Office."  That way there could be no confusion that this guy was nuts.  The headline seemed to lessen his murderous rage as a score evening event.

Pete Domenici Jr. said he used drugs.  Former Governor Gary Johnson said drugs should be legal.  Brothers in arms so to speak.  The media makes Pete Jr's admission a big deal but that is about all we know about him so far other than he worked for the biggest polluters in the state.  He should also admit he has never taken a Toastmasters class.

The legislature actually passed on to the Governor the bill allowing concealed weapons in liquor establishments that serve food.  As a former State Liquor Director in the 1980s I have to say this is one of the stupider things I have ever seen our lawmakers pull off.  Of course I hope the current head of the liquor department will urge the Governor not to sign this act.  Oh, the legislature still does not allow concealed weapons in the State Capitol Building where they work.  And the Governor has armed body guards in case someone comes into his office packing heat under their jacket.

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