Friday, February 26, 2010


The South Korean skater Kim-Yu Na was poetry in motion last night at the Olympics.  I think she is a metaphor for the rise of the Asian countries.  She was trained by westerners and then took the prize from us.  Well, she certainly deserved it.

Bobbi and me are getting excited now.  In about ten days we will be taking off for Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina on another Holland America Cruise.  That makes two cruises in five months for us after our Caribbean sojourn with friends in November. It is kind of reckless for us to do this so quickly again but this cruise looked especially inviting to a region we  have not visited before.  We will spend two full days in Buenos Aires and will get a tour from a good friends daughter who is living there.  I look forward to some Argentinian steaks. This will be our fifth cruise.  We probably wont consider another one for at least 18 months.  Maybe.  You know, you just gotta do this stuff while your healthy and able.  Life is too short.

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