Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Not Missing It and a Question

I have to say I am not missing going up the the Legislature.  Now that I am retired and out of state government service I feel that one of the biggest perks is not  having to go to committee meetings or attend uninformed and libelous floor debate.  It seems far different now than when I started going up there in the late 60's to cover the sessions for Channel 7 news as a reporter.  Back then it was an exciting place to be for a young person like me.  There seemed to be a lot of humor in the air.  I don't get that feeling anymore when in the Capitol.

Maybe it is just selective memory but the level of debate seemed to me a lot more civil back then.  You could also see members of both parties practice bi-partisanship.  Right now the only bi-partisanship seems to be in killing tax hikes, which is okay with me as far as the sales tax goes.  It is too regressive.  However, just like on the national stage, if we are to reduce deficits some revenues have to be raised and income tax increases seem the fairest way to me.

Also, I find it peculiar that the media is on such a rant about one of Governor Richardson's bill vetoes being over ridden.  Yes, he is a lame duck like any other office holder with less than a year left to serve.  But, come on, one veto! I suspect there will be more but it really shouldn't be surprising given his heading for the door.

And question of the day.  Would the Albuquerque Journal editorial writers insist the US government help out a group of Americans who were illegally taking children out of Haiti if it were an Atheist group?  I hope not.  They would just be as dumb as the Baptist group who were spiriting children away to be, ahem, soldiers for Christ.

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