Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Solar Update

We fired up our 3 kilowatts of solar photo voltaic panels last fall.  Here is our electric bill for each month from PNM.
  1. September 09----- $19.37 credit
  2. October 09--------  37.50 credit
  3. November 09------ 30.38 credit
  4. December 09------ 10.10 credit
  5. January 10---------14.83 
  6. February 10-------- 6.68
The credits are what PNM paid us for selling them electricity under the Renewable Electricity Credit program.  We buy from PNM for less than we sell to them, so on good long sunny days even though we use more than we generate we still get money  back from them.  As the weather got colder and we had holiday guests and cloudy days we owed them a little.  All in all, this has been a good investment and it will pay itself off in about eight or nine years.  Faster if rates go up.  We also got a great tax credit from the Feds and the State.

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