Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I'll Be Sorry

I just don't get the P.R. juggernaut against the slaughter of horses in the United States.  Every day 100,000 cattle, 23,000,000 chickens, and over 300,000 pigs are killed in America for food.  And no one does front page stories on that.  But, even mentioning killing a horse turns one into some sort of ogre.  Because they are prettier  than other livestock?  It is a classic double standard.

I remember back in grade school at Our Lady of Fatima's Heights Catholic School that I made a bad lunch trade one day.  Roland Ghiardetti, who was Canadian I believe, offered to trade me his hamburger for a PBJ sandwich.  Thats a great deal I thought.  Half way through the burger he asked me if I liked the horse meat.  I did up until that point.  All I could think of was our crazed pet Arabian horse at my grandfather's in Pena Blanca.  I haven't had any since.

But I have munched on lamb, veal, and other species and never thought twice about it.  Now, I don't eat much meat anymore.  I am not a vegetarian but I just don't seem to like it much.  Although I will always eat some Bison.  Very lean.

The fact of the matter is that so many people have abandoned horses in the last  five years that they are suffering terribly.  That is certainly less humane than most other alternatives.

I'll be sorry I wrote about this.


Anonymous said...

As a horse owner and lover, as much as I hate to see them slaughtered, it's a necessary evil. Too many people in this country breed their backyard horses to other backyard horses thinking they are going to produce some great $$ making champion, only to discover what they have is another expensive hay burner. Closing down the slaughterhouses here in the US hasn't "saved" those horses. They've just been shipped to Canada or worse yet, Mexico, where the conditions up until their slaughter are inhumane and out of our control. So Jim, I agree with you. I don't wish to eat horse, but slaughter in a humane fashion is preferable to seeing stories about these animal hoarders with a dozen emaciated horses on their property. Thanks for having the guts to say it.

Bubba Muntzer said...

You don't have to drive far around here before you come across a little fenced in area, devoid of any vegetation or anything that might make it amenable to any kind of life form, with a horse standing in it. There are thousands upon thousands of these little quarantine areas in this country, and the horses who spend their lives in them all spend at least 99 percent of those lives just standing there.

This is what horses lovers do to horses, when they aren't making them carry them around, which they do not want to do and in most cases have to be beat into accepting.

And like just about any animal, any pet or any kind of animal, if you don't keep it chained up or locked up or caged up, it's gone. It does not want to be there. It has better things to do than hang around and provide entertainment for you.

Anonymous said...

Waste not, want not