Monday, July 28, 2014

Dog Days

Are these the dog days of summer?  Everyone just hanging around in lethargy?  No energy in the heat?  It kind of appears that way to me, at least in the realm of political happenings.  New Mexico is in a tail spin economically and all the Governor can do is go back to her hatred of drivers licenses for immigrants.  Think about that.  That is the only arrow she seems to have in her quiver?

And now she can't even admit that her prior dislike of the film industry in New Mexico was wrong.  Economic studies have proven it and even the Albuquerque Journal has admitted they were wrong in the opposition to the efforts of Governor Bill Richardson's vision in pursuing this industry for our state.  And of course in its editorial yesterday the Journal never actually mentioned his name.  Astonishing!

But, a laurel to the Journal news room for a good article Sunday on property taxes in the Albuquerque area.  City, County and other governmental agencies are absolutely shoving most people into an abyss with their annual 3% hike in values for property.  I looked at my records yesterday and they have done it to me for ten years.  It just has to stop.  The legislature needs to cap the increases at 2%, like they did on Public employees cost of living increases on retirement payments.

Now, if the Journal would really sink its teeth into the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District's pillaging of urban areas of tax money to subsidize its farmers, it would be a great service.  There is a real story here that must be done.  If people who live in the district really knew how they are being had, they would demand reform.  


Anonymous said...

Here are a few more stories the Journal could sink their teeth into...

The ABQ city council cut the Environmental Planning Commission EPC off at the knees when they took away all their authority and gave it to one hearing officer.

The ABQ city council did nothing and continues to do nothing while the Mayor/CAO violated the contract with Quote-Unqoute for content on the government cable TV access channels because some of it was critical of them.
The new contract with UPublic is being violated left and right as they have provided zip in content and the channels have for all intense and proposes gone dark.
It appears that the commission set up by the city council to oversee these issues has been gutted by the Mayor/CAO and they have gone off on their own and set up a secretive commission that is planning on selling off this broadcast bandwidth for $250K when its real value is $23M. Someone is lining their pockets. Who??

Then we have the situation at the city and state level where the Construction Industry Divisions (CID) new the Bureau Chief has become a dictator and whatever he says is bible. If he falsifies an inspection report by deciding that everything is within code, then that is law. He says the law is written that he has discretion, but a code violation is a code violation! Good luck on getting that contractors feet held to the fire while your new root leaks like a sieve or the wind howls through the cracks in your newly installed windows.

Anonymous said...

FORBES MAGAZINE FORCASTS THAT ALBUQUERQUE WILL BE DEAD LAST AMONG THE 200 LARGEST METRO AREAS IN CREATING JOBS THROUGH 2016! Job growth for Albuquerque will be .02% for the NEXT two years. Remember Berry said Albuquerque has turned the corner and his economic development plan would bring more than 15,000 jobs over four years to Albuquerque. Lies and more Very Berry lies.

KRQE, KOAT,KOB, the Journal and KKOB radio have done absolutely NO in depth reporting on just how bad things are for Albuquerque business. No reporting on Berry's failed economic development plan. The stations themselves are hurting and downtown is dying. Yet the Economic Forum, NAIOP, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispano Chamber of Commerce all think Berry has done a good job simply because he is a Republican. Let them all chock themselves to financial ruin for their own failed approach to attracting new business! They all got their lowered corporate taxes two years ago, which the State cannot afford, and the state still cannot attract new industry!

The same group of people are saying lets make this Berry Governor so he can do to the State what he has done for Albuquerque no doubt with help from likes of Sherman McCorkle and Bob Murphy. Why not? Susana is killing the State's economy and there will be nothing more for Berry to destroy.

Anonymous said...

How about more stories about how Albuquerque citizens are Taser lab rats thanks to Berry and Schultz.