Monday, July 07, 2014


It is hilarious actually, the ABQ Journal editorial giving hell to President Obama for 'harping' on the plight of the poor, and then they do a sensitive front page Sunday piece on the plight of the homeless in Albuquerque.  If that doesn't show some schizophrenia in the leadership of that newspaper, then nothing does.  Well, actually it just shows their extreme prejudicial partisanship.  How can they build any trust at all?

Senator Tom Udall's opponent is insisting that he return $46,000 in donations from labor unions.  Udall should agree if Alan Weh will donate to charity all of his company's war profits from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts that Weh so eagerly supported.  Don't hold your breath.

I am reading the book "Blood and Thunder" on Kit Carson and western 'manifest destiny'.  I am more convinced than ever that the Taos City Council must reverse their decision on renaming Kit Carson Park.  Do your selves a favor and pick up this book.


New Mexican said...

Blood and Thunder reads like a "historical novel" instead of true history. There is too, too much in the book that the author could not have known about no matter how much research he did. Putting words, thoughts, emotions into historical figures. The book was written with the intent of someone buying the movie rights so it can be used as a script. In one place he has folks seeing and reacting to what was painted on the bottom of a Navajo's moccasin during a raid. Now how could he have known that about that particular Navajo during that particular raid? The answer is that the author could not have known. He concocted the scene to give it "flavor". A good historical novel, but not totally history. If an author wants to take liberties with facts let him/her post that on the dust jacket. So enjoy the "historical novel" and get your history facts some other place.

Anonymous said...

New Mexican, I have to agree with Baca that it is a great and entertaining book to read. Your critique of an otherwise well received book is a bit harsh. Most folks on Amazon rate it well and it certainly will educate to some extent. and these days education is a must or we could end up with ignorant folks standing in busses full of school aged children because they don't like brown people.

New Mexican said...

I agree that the book is an entertaining read and even that it will educate to "some extent".

The point I was making is that it is not completely "history". It is more of a historical novel and the author ought to make that known up front. It is dishonest to do otherwise.

New Mexico and New Mexicans have been greatly damaged for many, many years by this type of juiced up "history". There are volumes, too many to really go into here, that have been sold as history that in all reality are some pretty good fiction.

I have no problem at all with Kit Carson, but I will quote "Uncle Dick" Wootton himself from the book, Uncle Dick Wootton written by Howard L Conrad which was originally published in 1890:

"I Have observed in reading our frontier literature, that the tendency has been to exaggerate and over draw everything, and the effect of this has been to give the Eastern public a wrong idea of the conditions which existed in the country from about 25 to 50 years ago, and the character of the men who found their way into these savage wilds in search of wealth and adventure".