Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Ugly Governor

There was a great book and movie back in the 60's called "The Ugly American".  It was really about the overall arrogance and ignorance of the American average citizen and their government employees.  It was about uninformed policy in government that was designed to keep the public uninterested while making profits for the few and enemies of all foreign nations.  It is as true today as ever in our own state government, especially when it comes to ignorance.

We  New Mexicans now have a truly ignorant Governor in the person of Susana Martinez.  Have you ever wondered why she never appears in a wide ranging news conference?  It is because she would not be able to answer policy questions in any rational way.  If  you have ever spoken with anyone who has had the opportunity to visit with her on issues that she should be knowledgeable in, then you know that her lack of depth really shines through.  She has her shadow neocons to divert any criticisms of her by attacking those who differ with her.

I spoke recently with some folks who were asked to meet with the governor on the spur of the moment.  She then proceeded to embarrass her self with her total lack of what laws and policies were on the subject she was ranting on.  The participants said it was truly remarkable.

She is aided and abetted in this by our sorry state of affairs in journalism in New Mexico.  How is it that the broadcasters and print folks haven't cornered her in a free wheeling sit down session in over four years?  How can that be?  Are they required to give a list of questions first?  And then not deviate from it?

I am betting that is exactly the ground rules for anyone interviewing Martinez who is obviously in way over her head even after four years of experience.  She is very vulnerable here and Gary King needs to hit this issue hard.  He must corner her at every turn to force her ignorance into the open.


Anonymous said...

Ask any reporter and they will tell you that Jay McCleskey sends cease and desist letters to the media when they air/report something that makes the Gov. look badly. It is intimidation and, if the media were more cohesive (cough...FOG...cough) then they would be able to overcome this intimidation tactic. FOG unfortunately is run behind the scenes by Kent Waltz who has been nothing but favorable to this administration.

Speaking of which, Gov. Martinez is behind an appeal affecting soldier's rights. It is an important case because it will decide whether states as employers must provide the same benefits as other employers. The case is Ramirez v CYFD and it is before the State Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Rob Perry performs the same function of media intimidation for Berry when bad stories come out. Rob Perry, Darren White and Jay McClesky are the best of friends and exchange information on how to deal with the press and crisis management. A Journal reporter recently made a public admission at a function that it was not at all uncommon for Darren White when he was with the city to call Kent Waltz complaining about news coverage on him, especially during the incident that ended up with Darren resigning. Sadly, the Editors then have the "little talk" with the reporters. The same thing happens over at Channel 13 with assignment editor Paul Burt being close friends with Darren White. The Journal is one rag that needs to fold and Channel 13 seems to be getting a little, but not much, better.