Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Young Scapegoats

Stop and think about the new distractions the right wing has imbedded in the ignorant Tea Party type masses.  In order to take folks minds off the atrocious division of wealth and income in this country, they have now targeted children immigrants as the cause of all problems.  Children!  This country is truly in trouble when you see this hatred against the defenseless.  

Please read a thoughtful piece on this division of wealth in the Albuquerque Journal today.  


New Mexican said...

Republican HATRED of President Obama can only be compared to the hatred for President Abraham Lincoln from the southern states slave holders. It is plain and out hatred, it really has very little to do with politics or his policies. It has to do that President Obama is an African American.

The other disagreements Republicans refer to are smokescreens for this racial hatred that they harbor. And there are a lot of smokescreens, religion being the biggest one of all.

Democrats loathed President George Bush and his policies. But I do not recall out right hatred of the man.

The Republican message to the American people is a warning that if we elect someone like President Obama again they are prepared to bring this country to its knees by any and all means.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that organizations like Catholic Charities are around to advocate for these poor immigrant children. The great good being done every day by Catholic relief organizations around the world and throughout history far outweighs the lack of tax revenue Bernalillo County will receive from letting Archbishop Sheehan, a man who truly has a stong record of visionary service to New Mexico and its people, retire in a nice house.

Anonymous said...

If Obama would do anything forthright and worthwhile for the country the perceptions of him would be different. But he defies the Constitution, laws on the books that have served the country for decades, and most anything that smacks of actual freedom.
If you hate rich people so much it seems hypocritical to laud him and his wealthy, mindless Hollywood pals that he routinely ridicules while announcing the next lavish fund raising dinner in one of their homes.
Be sure to check the definition of illegal, it is very clear and understandable.

Anonymous said...

the last anonymous comment proves the points of the first anonymous commenter. this kind of thinking is frightening. He obviously hates Obama and most likely because of his race.

Vicki said...

I am continuously gobsmacked by the hypocrisy of the right wing zealots. They are forever preaching about the sanctity of human life that must be protected at all costs once an egg is fertilized by a sperm but they care nothing about the lives of children once they are born.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what you mean by gobsmacked Vicki. However, all human life should be treated with sanctity.