Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Raining

Time to open the rainy day flood gates of the New Mexico State Permanent Fund to get the schools in order.  By that I mean guaranteeing that every child in the third grade is reading at third grade level.  A little money aimed at that one specific will do wonders for the Land of Enchantment.  That will lead to fewer drop outs and the horrible consequences of that entry into poverty and crime.  As we have seen here in Albuquerque this week when a bunch of drop out losers slaughtered two defenseless homeless men to get their kicks!

The conservative legislators from the oil patch won't like that Permanent fund raid one bit.  Most of that money came from oil and gas royalties paid to the state for its resources.  The fossil fuel boys like to let everyone know it is really a tax.  But it isn't.  And they don't want to see that Permanent Fund depleted more that usual because they think they will see royalty rates go up.  And they haven't gone up since I raised them back in the 80's when I served as Land Commissioner.

So I am suggesting that any new leases sold up the ante on royalty rates.  That will help continue to fund some growth in the permanent fund while at the same time getting our educational system in order.  And the Teachers Unions better damn well get on board too.

And as for our Governor, your time is running out on showing anyone that you really have any leadership abilities.  It is probably too late anyway but the people just don't see your failures.  History certainly will.


Anonymous said...

The Colbert Report opened making fun of our very own Steve Pearce. Pearce spent an entire weekend in Central America so he is now an expert at what is going on there down. He said it is all about the economy, that is why the immigrants are coming. Then he says he never left the hotel because it wasn't safe. So which one is it? Pearce is now nationally seen as a boob.

Anonymous said...

We would ask for a meeting with Sue concerning these issues, but we do not have the time it would take to educate her and have a meaningful conversation.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right on this. John Arthur Smith and the Senate Finance Committee need to be held accountable for their inaction. Spending more and more tax payer resources on prisons and the courts is the course that has been taken and failed. Time to write a check to Gary King provided that he come out and say that he will indeed do everything in his power to see more funding be provided for all education. I think you need to make sure that the Lottery scholarship fund is also subsidized as well. There are far too many of our bright kids leaving NM for greener pastures. There needs to be incentives for young scientists, doctors, and entrepeneurs to stay or come to NM. Companies like TESLA will never locate here unless drastic action is taken.