Monday, July 14, 2014


The case of Governor Martinez's Game Commissioner Scott Bidegain who profited from having a cougar cornered by dogs in a cave and then allowed an illegal killing of the animal for profit shows just how these right wingers work.  He says it was just a "little biddy misdemeanor" and so what.  He has hired high priced lawyers and figures that he will get off with no trial.  And he was appointed by Martinez to uphold game and fish laws and regulations.

He must believe he is above the law and he is letting everyone know he has the money and privilege to prove it.  He is the new poster boy for the dark side.


Anonymous said...


Don't you know that all of the elite in Albuquerque and NM THINK they are above the law? Here's another example:

Is Doyle Albuquerque's Serpico?

This lawsuit is worth watching each episode play out. Cameras anyone?

It's going to be a real life drama nominated for the Oscars that will surpass Breaking Bad.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Planebill said...

This guy is a classless jerk.