Monday, July 21, 2014

Steve Pearce is the Hypocrite of the Year

Congressman Steve Pearce of the oil patch may be the biggest hypocrite I have ever known.  He has been constantly whining that the federal government is always organizing land grabs that hurt his constituents, the oil and gas boys.  Yes,  we have been lucky in New Mexico to get to great new National Monuments designated by President Obama.  This was done after years of public meetings and congressional hearings and input from every interested party.  Yet, Pearce still insists it is a land grab.

Now, Pearce who is chagrined because a renewable energy power line will be built on the northern edge of the White Sands Missile Range, has secretly put an amendment on a bill that would give the defense department control over 300,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management Land.  No public hearings, no input from interested parties, no notification of anyone including hard scrabble ranchers in the area who are feeling blindsided by a guy who usually will support them and their subsidies on public lands.

This all makes Pearce look pathetic and the Defense Department look scurrilous.  Maybe this giant blunder will give some added wind to the sails of his opponent in November.  Send Rocky Lara a check even if she isn't in your district.  Pearce needs to be shown the door.


Anonymous said...

If Rocky wanted to, she could unleash a full fury attack on Pierce who has many shady dealings and skeletons in his closet. Let's hope that Rocky is willing to throw mud when it needs throwing.

Anonymous said...

Just what all of us need, less oil and gas. And that equates to higher prices.
We could opt for the electric alternative, but that begs the question of how to dispose of the batteries when they are spent. At the moment there is no way to safely and inexpensively dispose of them. And check the price for replacement ones for a car. You might as well buy a new car for what they cost.
You might want to get China and India on board with the greenie mindset before putting the pressure on Americans. You already know the odds of that happening. Stop trying to save the planet on the backs of Americans.

Jim Baca said...

ahh....another oil and gas lackey. wants to keep us in the stone age of fossil fuels. less profits for his masters. sheer idiocy.

Anonymous said...

As usual you totally overlooked the cost-related issues for electric and battery power, and these are substantial. Do a little research and you will quickly discover that the cost for disposing of a battery is high along with the fact that there is currently no safe way to do it, they eventually leak into ground water if not properly buried, and most are not. Also, the cost to replace them is high to the point of making the ordeal nearly comparable to buying a new vehicle. I know this from experience, so I did, in fact, try it. I am not relying on someone else's opinion about this issue as you incorrectly imply.
Try getting a charge on an electric vehicle when stranded in the middle of nowhere and you will be sadly out of luck.
Interesting how ultra-liberals do not want to be confused by the facts that are all around them.

Anonymous said...

Don't give out the hypocrite award too early. It's New Mexico, and election year, and we are only in July. I bet we have others who step up to claim the prize.

Maybe we should make this a competition?


Jim Baca said...

Don't ignore the gian elephant in the room on the cost arguments. I think a devastated economy from climate change far outweighs profits for the oil industry.