Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Should we take seriously the poll just released by the Martinez administration that shows here beating democrat Gary King at this point?  Sure, as long as we know it is incredibly tainted by the fact that the poll is done by the wife of Martinez's campaign manager Jay McCleskey.  If Martinez can ignore a conflict of interest like this, it is no wonder she feels that she can get away with anything.

What is more intriguing about this is the fact that the media is using the poll with not much in the way of analysis.  Like analyzing just how the ethics of using this makes them credible.


Anonymous said...

Here’s one for polling by the viewers:

Yes, Bubba, the comments are worth reading too.

And more "serious" news on the reality of the state of our economy:

The biz journal doesn’t appear to be part of the Martinez/Berry propaganda machine. They have an offer of $5 for 8 weeks access until July 4th. Let’s support them as we need alternative sources of valid information to work around the propaganda. Heck, I'd even donate the $5!

Anonymous said...

The polls taken by Republican operative and pollster Bruce Donisthorpe and used by Joe Monahan are just as bad as the polls taken by Jay McKlesky's wife. Monahan thinks Donisthorpe is the greatest thing next to slice toast, but they both have a reputation of putting their fingers on the scales in their polls to get their desired outcomes so Joe can look like some sort of political sage and guru. Monahan professes to be such an independent, but people have forgotten that he actually worked for Republican Manuel Lujan, and Monahan is actually a libertarian-republican. Monahan has become the premier New Mexico political gossip columnists using Donisthorps polls and he actually thinks he is some sort of a reporter.

Anonymous said...

Monahan gets the scoops nobody else does in La Politica Land. Monahan reports his scoops like no other in NM. Monahan is one of the few journalists left that has any courage. At least Joe will take on the touchy stuff that the Albuquerque Journal refuses to touch- to all our dismay.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I second Anonymous' comments and suggestions about the Albuquerque Business Journal (which was recently renamed Albuquerque Business First but still has the same web address. That's a very good idea.

There's no reason a business journal can't be a good newspaper, as evidenced by the Wall Street Journal, for one.

Albuquerque's business journal has become more professional over the time I've been an occasional reader, I think. I remember some years back when it just had a couple reporters. One of them participated in a business show on KUNM. It was the time of the financial meltdown and banks were going under and there were questions about a bank in Santa Fe that did high end mortgages. The unfortunate reporter pronounced the bank sound just few days before it went under. The staff has increased in size since then and they seem to be professionals.

It's owned, by the way, by American City Business Journals, which has similar biz journals in 40 cities. The core of that chain is the old Howard-Scripps business journals. Howard Scripps is a venerable old name in journalism.

But its outside ownership, and the fact that it doesn't have to rely solely on local advertising, are good things. The history of journalism is rife with cases of publishers caving to big advertisers and even being brought down by advertising boycotts, but the business journal could weather something like that.

If more of us visited the site and subscribed, and made known our wishes to have an alternative to the Albuquerque Journal, it might well expand its coverage.