Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Who is really running the Governor's office?  Susana Martinez or the spin chiefs of the radical right wing GOP.  It is the spinners for sure and Martinez is following their peculiar idea that destroying the state's economic well being will keep the GOP in power.

Her refusal to call a special session of the Legislature to pass a capital outlay bill is really just a way to blame Senate Democrats for everything down the road.  Just watch what they do in the next election cycle.

In the meantime much needed projects and stimulus are abandoned.  This is really hurting New Mexico and its citizens and businesses.  And speaking of the business community, where the hell are they on this mess?  Staying silent and cowed?  It is bad enough to see a lack of leadership on the state political scene, but I would also blame our leaders in commerce for sitting on their hands.  Is supporting right to work laws the best they can do? Apparently so!


New Mexican said...

In the meantime, another animal article on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal.

Bubba Muntzer said...

The Journal late today posted an article saying the Chamber of Commerce has sent the governor a letter calling for a special session. (The Chamber probably read your blog and rushed to change the subject.)

The chamber wants their tax cuts reconsidered. The governor wants a special session to be on her terms, according to what she told real estate developers.

This is when Democrats should be out there with a coherent, unified, simple PR strategy. Not like Michael Sanchez' confusing, rambling, self serving op-ed but more like what you write in your blog, something that would put the governor, and the Chamber, on the defensive.

Democrats have various ways of going around the Journal at their disposal and they should be developing those and getting better at them.

But for now they could do this with a press conference, where they set the tone and where the Journal has to be wary of how the TV stations are playing it.

And of course they need to be more populist in tone and in theory. They need to be developing a public consciousness of the type envisioned in this blog entry, where things are done in the interests of New Mexico and not for profit, not for attaining the vice presidency of the United States, not for getting yourself put in charge of some university or shifting the blame to the governor. For us. Us needs to be defined, the reasons for being for us need to be defined, and Us needs to be made the subject.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if you want to destroy a democratic government of the people, "drown it in a bathtub", and replace it with a corporatist-oligarchic rule, that is what you do. And keep the people focused on god,guns,gays.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, we are all circling the drain in New Mexico. The Journal is a big part of the problem, ignoring the meltdown in order to protect their right-ring politicians. The Chamber has become so conservative and Republican, they'd prefer to stand by silently rather than help to be part of the solution. Maybe it's something in the water. Don't give an inch, to hell with anyone who doesn't think conservative right-ring and fall hard. Anyone who wishes to project a note of sanity be damned!

Anonymous said...

Another "scandal " at Berrys playground!! Not to worry all of you who adopted dogs from Berryland, the city has plenty of money set aside for lawsuits. Annnnd Barbara will either get promoted to special deputy CAO or resign to "spend more time with family" . Can't invent this shit!!
Please come back Jim