Friday, July 03, 2015

A Better Approach

I tried to ban concealed weapons in Albuquerque under 'home rule' laws back in 2001 when I was Mayor. We got nowhere as every judge on the Supreme Court in NM ran screaming from the NRA. I recall they were all democrats. This 'good cause' approach might be a good one for some brave city councillor to take on. It basically says that before a concealed weapon license can be issued, that a good cause must exist for it to be issued. Certainly our mascot Mayor will not attempt such a thing. Well, we can always dream.

Once again, did you notice how Donald Trump PiƱatas and the confederate flag took all the heat away from the NRA after the last massacre? Culture wars trump real issues. Ha Ha.

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Michelle Meaders said...

I never understood how they were able to do that without a constitutional amendment, since the NM Constitution clearly says open carry is not allowed. And NM already had open carry, so people could carry weapons on the outside of their clothes all they wanted.