Friday, July 10, 2015


The Susana Martinez administration will now have to start defending itself rather than, after multiple years in office, blaming for Governor Richardson for all the problems.  The State Auditor Tim Keller has turned over an investigation to the AG about favoritism and corruption at the upper levels of the Taxation and Revenue Department.  This is one department that usually is not dragged into such public view.  The administration's sophomoric responses to the investigation shows a typical take no prisoners approach to criticism.  They are blaming every thing on partisanship and are now trying to shift blame to the people whose job it is to uncover such things.  This time it just might backfire if the media just practices serious journalism.

Hats off to APD's Detectives for capturing those six little gangers that murdered a man in his own home during a robbery.  APD, for all its problems, is pretty good at finding the bad guys.  If these alleged killers are found guilty, they should be put away for life.


Anonymous said...

The overtly nasty and political response by the administration to Keller's findings at Tax and Rev is worth noting. Blaming disgruntled ex-employees for stirring up trouble is a standard trope. But adding "fired for sexual harassment" to the mix is overkill aimed at squelching a serious problem before it really blows up. No, we can't discuss personnel matters (unless our ass is on the line).

Anonymous said...

Why would we think the media or anything will change? Albuquerque has had three independent investigations that all allege criminal behavior by high ranking people at APD and City, Taser pay to play. Yet what happened? Nothing. Berry ignored all three investigations. The City Council has not demanded that he discipline the employees involved. Nothing happens and this is the problem. If Berry took his oath to the citizens seriously he would act. All Berry wants is the next election.

Our only hope is that Hector Balderas will show these people the inside of a courtroom.