Monday, July 13, 2015


This comment sent by a reader is good to know. 

Under New Mexico Statutory law and in particular the Juvenile Code, minors (people younger than 18) are charged for criminal offenses as juveniles in need of supervision and the maximum sentence for ANY crime, INCLUDING VIOLENT CRIMES LIKE MURDER, is two years, unless the minor is specifically charged AND PROSECUTED and sentenced as an adult. WHAT THE JUVENILE CODE SPECIFICALLY PROVIDES IS THAT PARENTS OR CUSTODIANS WHO ARE SUED "CIVILLY" FOR the DAMAGES OF THEIR CHILDREN ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR UP TO AND NO MORE THAN $4,000 IN CIVIL DAMAGES, WHICH MEANS PARENTS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SINS OR PROPERTY DAMAGE DONE BY THEIR CHILDREN BEYOND $4,000. FOR ANY ONE WHO HAS KIDS, THIS IS A GOOD LAW!! 

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Anonymous said...

32A-2-27 NMSA of the Children’s Code provides as follows:

A. Any person may recover damages not to exceed $4,000 in a civil action in a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction from the parent, guardian or custodian having custody and control of a child when the child has maliciously or willfully injured a person or damaged, destroyed or deprived use of property, real or personal, belonging to the person bringing the action.

B. Recovery of damages limited to actual damages not to exceed $4,000 and attorneys fees can be awarded at discretion of court