Thursday, July 09, 2015


We had a wonderful trip up to Fort Collins, Co.  Our daughter and family are doing great in a booming economy in that state.  Just like Utah, Arizona, and Texas.  What's missing here?  Visionary leadership maybe?

New Mexico and Colorado are so green with the rains.  It is a great thing to see and I am sure we have some happy livestock folks all along those Rocky Mountains.  We even saw a large herd of Elk grazing near Springer, NM.  There must have been 75 of them.  Unlike the cattle, they are native to the area and should be left alone.

Anyway, as we all look at our grandchildren, whether we are on the left, center or right, I think most people would agree we all want what is best for them.  Those feelings used to drive some non partisanship in our legislative and executive bodies in this country.  Now our corporate powers are trumping everyone with the partisanship of profit.  It won't last forever.  It never does.

Here are eight month olds Kate and Alex.  Since they were born so early, they have an adjusted age of five months.  Surely not identical twins.....but real sweeties.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

They've gone and gotten chubby! Looking good.