Saturday, July 11, 2015

Knee Jerk Mayor

Mayor Richard Berry got on the blame game bandwagon and attacked the parents of the gangers who killed the man in his home in the middle of the night while on a 'mobbing' spree.  After the victims daughter blamed the parents and scores of commenters did so on social media, Berry jumped in with both feet and agreed.  And all of this was done without any one really knowing the parents and their abilities to rein in these 'bad seeds.'  This was all done as a different form of mobbing.  The emotionalism of the victim's family is understandable, but for the elected leader of the city, this is horrible.

I hope these little gangers get just what they deserve.  But, cooler heads should prevail on trying to exact vigilante bloodlust on the families.  Would these attacks on the families help the possibly good brothers and sisters of these murderers?  Who even knows if they have brothers and sisters and if the parents tried everything possible to make things right?  Were the parents terrorized as well by these punks?

And the leader of the lynch mob is the Mayor?


Anonymous said...

Berry blames the parents, but after $100,000,000 has been paid out by Albuquerque by Berry's administration for his police department, he still never blames himself or anyone in his administration.

But that is the kind of grown up Berry is. Blame everyone else, but never hold your self or your friends accountable.

Anonymous said...

from the sounds of it, the Gerecke family will be filing some sort of lawsuit against the parents of the kids involved and that may be the "tsunami" that Mr. Gerecke's daughter warned about. The city would have no standing to get involved in private litigation.

But where is CYFD in this? CYFD is exclusively responsible for the Children's Code which includes juveniles in the justice system. If these kids were in the system (and all but one seem to have been) then CYFD would have known about them and should have taken care of it to include placing additional probation officers or community service officer (formally called surveillance officers) to make sure the kids are complying with the terms and conditions of their probation and parole. That would also include speaking with teachers and principals of the schools and APS.

The parents of course deserve some of the blame but so does CYFD.

It is of course in the best interests of this mayor who wants to be governor and this governor who wants to serve as vice president to downplay the catastrophic role of CYFD in this but the residents of NM should now allow CYFD to be forgotten in this equation.

New Mexican said...

I am not sure I agree that politicians, in this particular case Mayor Berry, should stay away from the "blame game" in this case. The parents definitely have some responsibility for their kids roaming the streets like animals at all hours of the day and night. The parents need to understand that they played a significant part in this horrific incident. Underage children should not be let out like dogs after dark.

Bad decisions by the parents, BOTH of them, over the child's life lead to animals like this let loose on society.

Anonymous said...

What's with the words "gangers" and "mobbing"... Never heard these words before. Are you trying to introduce them here?

Kkrattiger in NM

Anonymous said...

So mayor, using your logic, your parents are to blame for the mess the city is in. KARMA!!!