Saturday, July 11, 2015

Conservative Creds

While many people want to form a lynch mob for the families of those worthless gangers who killed a man in his home in the middle of the night, our Governor is doing her part to make sure we turn out more of those sociopath teenage killers.  Let me explain.

Her handlers in the right wing think her signing on to more Medicaid for the state under our nation's new health care programs has hurt her conservative credentials.  She isn't radical enough.  So they are advising she now require food stamp recipients to work 60 hours a month to receive their food.  Remember that this is all funded with federal dollars, not state dollars.  She wants to look tough for her funders in the extreme right wing.

Now, think this through.  A single mother on food stamps with two children.  Abandoned by a husband who makes no child support payments, necessitating food subsidies for the kids.  Now she must go to work 60 hours a month and abandon her children to fend for themselves.  Where does she find daycare for two kids on her $600 a month earnings?  Absolutely no where.  So the kids enter the cycle of running on the streets as mobbers.  And, society will pay a lot more in the future just so Susana Martinez can look tough.


Anonymous said...

Hey the confederate flag was taken down so ALL OF THE PROBLEMS in the world will be solved. This country is so screwed up. Now they want to put a woman on a ten or a twenty dollar bill. We are circling the toilet bowl...

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

The Journal says that Eden claims this "mugging" is new to APD. The term may be new but the crimes from juveniles doing this sort of thing is not. On February 12, 2008,the Journal published this:

10 Boys Fled Halfway Houses in '07

By Olivier Uyttebrouck
Copyright © 2008 Albuquerque Journal; Journal Staff Writer
Ten juvenile offenders walked away from state-run halfway houses last year— and two of those escapees were linked to homicides.
Five "walkaways" remained at large last week after fleeing reintegration centers operated by the Children, Youth and Families Department.
Four had been recaptured, including one of the slaying suspects. The other slaying suspect has died.
Reintegration centers are intended to let young offenders work, take classes and develop productive lives before they are turned loose.
Most of the residents leave the house each day to work at stores or restaurants or take community college courses, often riding city buses or getting rides from staff members.
"They're working or going to school to help them get ready to be in the community," said Romaine Serna, a CYFD spokeswoman.
In one case, 16-year-old Oden Gutierrez is accused of shooting and killing a Farmington man less than a month after he fled the Albuquerque Boys Reintegration Center on Oct. 30.
Gutierrez, who slipped away from the center sometime after dinner that evening, pleaded innocent to first-degree murder and other charges Wednesday.
CYFD officials acknowledge that law enforcement was not notified of Gutierrez's escape until after he was charged in the Farmington slaying.
"With Gutierrez, there was a delay in issuing a warrant," Serna said.
Serna said that she was unsure of the details, but that the escape wasn't entered into the National Crime Information Center database, which alerts law enforcement agencies.
"We have since reworked that process," Serna said this week. "The difference is, now there is one person who has the responsibility for getting the warrant signed, delivering it to law enforcement, then checking to make sure it is in NCIC."
Serna also said the agency plans to notify news media of escapes and provide a photo of the offender.
Gutierrez is one of two escapees implicated in slayings last year.
Police said Adam DeLuna, 19, shot and killed James Howell, 29, of Albuquerque in a road rage incident Aug. 29, just about two months after DeLuna walked away from the Eagle Nest Reintegration Center.
DeLuna shot and killed himself in September after police surrounded him on a rooftop. Serna said law enforcement had been alerted to DeLuna's escape.
Bill O'Neill, executive director of the New Mexico Juvenile Parole Board, said he wants CYFD to tighten its procedures for reapprehending and charging offenders who leave the centers....

Anonymous said...

Under New Mexico Statutory law and in particular the Juvenile Code, minors (people younger than 18) are charged for criminal offenses as juveniles in need of supervision and the maximum sentence for ANY crime, INCLUDING VIOLENT CRIMES LIKE MURDER, is two years, unless the minor is specifically charged AND PROSECUTED and sentenced as an adult. WHAT THE JUVENILE CODE SPECIFICALLY PROVIDES IS THAT PARENTS OR CUSTODIANS WHO ARE SUED "CIVILLY" FOR the DAMAGES OF THEIR CHILDREN ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR UP TO AND NO MORE THAN $4,000 IN CIVIL DAMAGES, WHICH MEANS PARENTS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SINS OR PROPERTY DAMAGE DONE BY THEIR CHILDREN BEYOND $4,000. FOR ANY ONE WHO HAS KIDS, THIS IS A GOOD LAW!!

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the "blame game." Bad things happen. I bet if you look at these kids and their families you'll find a lot of dysfunction, and it didn't start yesterday. I've been around the block enough to know bad kids don't always have bad parents. We live in a world where the family has never had less influence. Peer groups, education, or lack thereof, few services for medical and mental health care, a poor economy where the average Joe can't feed his family, and so many other things need to be looked at. And ultimately, the offenders are responsible. If we want healthy kids, we need a healthy community. But no one wants to be held responsible or accountable. Certainly not the politicians. Most of them are focused on moving up and on, not doing the present job they were elected to do. Our community is very sick. You see it everywhere. And so we have sick kids. We are going to see a lot more of this. Berry is quick to blame the parents, because he sure doesn't want to look in the mirror and face the reality that he is leading us on the path to hell. Six long years of spiraling.....

Anonymous said...

And where were all the Berry-bashers when his predecessors did the same thing? Silent, because they were liberal Democrats and thus unaccountable. So if you wish to blame Berry, and after all, the buck does stop here, at least have the intellectual honesty to blame all those who came before him and did the same thing. APD's problems did not start with berry. The homeless problem did not start with Berry. In fact, NONE of these problems started with Berry. The continual whining and bashing is simply partisan politics, nothing more. Stop whining about problems, and start trying to affect solutions. THEN if ALL the politicians, those of both parties, stand in the way, remove ALL of them. Be fair and honest.