Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Earth Moved

It happened.  The Albuquerque Journal used Mayor Berry's name in an editorial that was critical of his refusal to released results of a study into vicious dogs being adopted out at the Animal Control Department.  Perhaps we all shifted into a parallel universe.  Actually, one thing the Journal does is pursue open government and even Berry and the Governor can't get away with trying to cover up information that the public has a right to see.

That Santa Fe County Republican Party Treasurer was ousted from his position for publicly whacking a Donald Trump piñata.  There must be some real Trump fans in the party there with deep pockets that fund the party, otherwise this ill timed banishment probably would not have happened.  PR wise it was a stupid thing for them to do, so money must be the motive.  


Anonymous said...

gasp - is the JOURNAL changing?

Anonymous said...

No it was just a slow day for news.