Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It is Complete

The meltdown of American Broadcast Journalism is complete. Big things are happening in the world, but CBS and NBS nightly news led with stories about deflated footballs and a crazed midwestern dentist killing a beloved lion in Africa with a crossbow.  That was the diet of pablum fed to the American public last night.  Oh, and I shouldn't forget more 'stories' about Donald Trump.  Edward R. Murrow, if he were still alive, would probably just shoot himself.  The more I see of these bloated and self important anchors on national news, the more I despair.

On the local level we got to hear the 911 call from a girl trying to save her shot dying boyfriend.  Of course we got to hear it for the tenth time, and then an interview with her.  I think it was a good story from the standpoint of a 911 operator who just wigged out!  But this will be a story that will be around for weeks, unless another good 911 audio clip becomes available.  Security cams and audio clips....easy work for our local ego driven anchors and journalists.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the "Dueling Dudes" contests by 2 anchors on Ch 7. Or the marriage details of the female news anchors. WHO CARES?

I hate it when I'm watching a news cast, either local or national, and the anchors start a personal 'conversation' between themselves. Am I supposed to be entertained or informed by their banter? No. I am disgusted by their egoism.

I often wonder what the General Managers of the 'news' stations are thinking when they serve Pabulum on a paper plate to their audience?

Anonymous said...

Did you see KRQE last night?

Something is very fishy about this hire. Why would Eden / Perry hire a person who is under investigation? When she quit to avoid answering questions regarding this investigation? Then another high ranking BCSO deputy retires so he doesn't have to answer questions? And APD hires her? Didn't Perry / Eden do their due diligence? Didn't Tyler disclose that she was under investigation? This entire hiring stinks of corruption. I hope Manny Gonzales releases the investigation so Albuquerque can see just who we hired. If it is as bad as the rumors make it sound Tyler should be fired immediately. Eden / Perry should also be fired for either being stupid or corrupt. Either one.

Anonymous said...

She would have to be corrupt in some sense to fit in with APD. I am astonished at the bad judgement that is exercised daily by the APD chain of command and the City. How bad do things have to get? And the media refuses to report the truth. They are part of the corruption. If I didn't care so much for Albuquerque and its people, I would think it all laughable.