Sunday, July 26, 2015

Even More Irony

The Albuquerque Journal had a really good story this morning skewering people who think we should deny the history of the Confederacy in their foray into New Mexico.  I thought it was right on the mark.  Reporter Ollie Reed, a real journalist, did a great job in writing this article.

Now, if only someone would do a story about how the Albuquerque Journal Editor tries to deny history on a daily basis by protecting republican public officer holders.  Talk about irony!  This Editor, Kent Walz, keeps the name of Mayor Richard Berry out of every negative story where  his name should be up front for questionable decision making and leadership.  Think the Albuquerque Police Department here.

And when it comes to our right wing Governor Susana Martinez, the Journal not only sits on using real journalism to uncover the abysmal lack of economic plans for the state, they go out of their way to show her in classrooms reading to kids every chance they get, as if she really cared about something other than her plans for a role in national republican party politics.

It is laughable really.  


Bubba Muntzer said...

That is a good story, and it is history. As regards the flying of the confederate flag, Albuquerque flies an authentic confederate states flag and not the KKK flag, which is the one they've been calling the "confederate battle flag," which is the one Southern states started flying in the 60s in reaction to the Civil Rights movement.

There's quite a difference symbolically. For Southern states to put up the flag used by the KKK was an overt act of racism. If they used that flag here I'd agree it should be removed, but they don't.

Anonymous said...

One day, one of those pics she loves to take with kids will re-appear. When one of those kids is an adult who can't read, or was abused, or has mental health issues that were never addressed by HER Arizona M.H. Providers, and is once again being handled by APD in the streets with Automatic weapons and military vehicles. Some day the stench will be so bad, even the Journal won't be able to cover it up!

Oh, sorry, it's there today! Peeeww!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should be more concerned with 21st century slavery that is occurring all over the world. The New York Times had this article in the paper today.