Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Little Math--updated

Here is how the good ole boy system works for Brad Winter who was just appointed Secretary of State by our do nothing Governor.  Brad has been a city councillor for about 20 years.  He gets to pay into PERA as a city councillor.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But now his reward from the GOP can be calculated.  These are approximate numbers.  If he retired with just his city council retirement pay he would get about $18,000 a year from PERA.  He deserves that.  That would be for his average high three years salary as a councillor, which is about $30,000.  He gets 3% a year, hence 60% of $30,000.

Now he goes to a job for two years at $85,000 a year, plus his $30,000 a year because he won't resign from the city council. Now his final high three average will be two years of $115K a year plus one year of $30k.  Adds  up to $260k divided by 3 and that makes his final high three average about $86k a year.  Hence 60% of that equals $51,000 retirement annually.  This may or may not be combined with his other retirement as a retired educator from APS.

You can see why he is not wanting to abandon his city council seat.  It would cost him quite a bit.  This is milking the system for all it is worth thanks to the Governor.

If any of you retirement experts disagree, please send a comment.  Please see comments for a different take on whether he stays for one year or two.


Anonymous said...

It is laughable that Brad Winter feels there is no law that prevents him from serving as a City Councilor and Secretary of State.

The City charter and personnel rules and regulations and the court case law are clear: City employees cannot run for and serve in state elected positions and it is a condition of their employment with the City and not a violation of their constitutional rights. It is the City's version of the Federal Hatch Act where Federal Government employees cannot run for partisan elected office.

Brad Winter is an elected City Employee: he is paid a salary, is on the City payroll, participates in PERA, and can participate in City health insurance programs and other programs. The fact he is an elected city councilor does not mean he is not a City Employee. As a City employee, Winter was appointed to an "elected" State position and he needs to resign as city Councillor, otherwise he is violating city ordinances and personnel rules and regulations.

The City Council could take action and enact a resolution or a "memorial resolution" requesting that Winter resign his Council seat. The Democrats would have the five votes and let the Republicans choke on it, including Berry. Dan Lewis had no problem trying to embarrass Ray Garduno with a censure for his conduct. But then again you got DINO Ken Sanchez that does not see anything wrong with Winter doing what he is doing. PATHETIC.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the City spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees to prevent COA employee and Firefighter Emily Kane and any future politicos from holding Office at the state level while being employed by the City due to it being a conflict of interest? I guess its a conflict if you are a "D" and not an "R".

Anonymous said...

JIM: I think there is a mistake in your calculations. Winter says he will not run for re-election as Secretary of State and therefore will only serve one year. So it will be be $30,000 for one year of council service combined with $85,000 SOS salary for $115,000 for the last year of his "high 3" salary, with $30,000 for two years of counsel service totaling $145,000 divided by 3 equals $48,333 as the high 3 year average just for the PERA service. He will have served 17 years on the City Council and he gets 3% for each year of service for 51%. Therefore his PERA pension will be $24,640 (51% of $48,333). WITHOUT THE SOS SALARY, IT WOULD BE $30,000 AS THE AVERAGE HIGH 3 SALARY x THE 51% with the yearly PERA Pension being $15,300. (51% OF $30,000). SO WINTER GOES FROM A $15,300 PERA yearly pension to $24,640 with only one year of service.

Anonymous said...

City councilor so are not city employees as defined in the city's personnel act. Therefore it is permissable to hold both positions.

Jim Baca said...

I believe Secretary of State runs in 2018. If Brad doesn't run for the interim, as he says, then you are right. I suspect he may do so after being there a while. But if he doesn't, then you are right.

Anonymous said...

The ERB, loop hole need to be closed. Quite a few APS retired people, are now working for the City if Albuquerque. STOP THE DOUBLE DIPPING, AND MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEXT GENERATION!