Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Of Course

The Albuquerque Journal did their editorial today about Governor Susana Martinez's atrocious behavior.  Of course there was a section dedicated to Governor Bill Richardson in the editorial.  WTF?  But, on second thought, I am told that anything that compares Big Bill with Party Girl Susana just drives her crazy.  So maybe it is okay.

And of course a Happy Holiday to everyone, friend and foe.  Have a good time with family and friends and a respite from political junkie status.  


Bubba Muntzer said...

It's the "I know you are but what am I" editorial style. If the Journal editorial writers ever did anything to command our respect then who would we have to kick around?

In the halls of power where Bill Richardson will still have gravitas long after Susana Martinez is forgotten about they probably aren't aware of the Journal, but did read in today's Washington Post that Susana Martinez "has become a punch line." She's considered "Palinesque" in DC. It can't get any worse.

It's almost sad until you remember how ruthless this woman is, from turning her back on the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican just so she could wreak vengeance on the man who gave her her career start to having the state tax collector go after people who evoked her petty rage, an extremely serious abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

The Journal is a, COMPLETE RAG! I was informed the "RAG", will no longer offer home delivery to Los Lunas! I have been in Phoenis for two months. REALLY! Can you say, Bankruptcy, Mr. Lang. I will contact ABQ Free Press, to arrange, the mailing of this fine paper, to my residence.

Anonymous said...

Susie should go the way of another repulican gov. Quit and star in a reality show with her. Can you see it now The Susie and Sarah comedy show.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Why is the state senate chairman going to the news media and "floating" the idea of the attorney general investigating the governor? When the legislature has the power to do that, and, I'd say, the responsibility?

This seems to be the prevalent modus. Not me. Let's have a bunch of meetings and hope the person resigns. That's what happened with that legislator who was running his office and his real estate business together as one big get rich operation, and before that with the state treasurer, right, and how many others?

Now, it's "Let's get Hector to do it." And Hector doesn't always do it. And why not? And why should he do everything?

Democrats should be all over this non stop. The governor has three years left to abuse her power, waste the state's time going after opponents, destroy the public schools and otherwise not do her job of trying to keep New Mexico from washing into the Rio Grande and floating down to the Gulf of Mexico, which it's doing week by week. What kind of report will come out next?

There are things she is alleged to have done, many of them now, that, despite whatever else is going on -- and nobody knows if those other presumed investigations will come to anything -- should be investigated by the people who we elect to do that, to find out, to provide oversight, and to maintain that balance of power between the three branches of government.

Did the Republicans in Washington wait to see if Hillary Clinton's email service would be cancelled by Comcast, so they wouldn't have to take responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Murder in Mayor Berry's neighborhood! A neighbor of his was stabbed to death in the neighbors driveway Saturday morning. Just houses away from where Berry lives. When will the rich and powerful, who have blindly followed Berry off the cliff, rise up and demand accountability from him for destroying APD? In 2015 we had a prominent business man killed inside the gates of Tanoan, a man killed in his driveway in the Foothills and now a prominent business man killed feet away from Berry's home in Four Hills.

This didn't happen when Marty Chavez was mayor. APD had 1,100 cops and crime was down, way down. Since Berry took over crime is everywhere, APD is below 800 cops and all he does is blame anyone and everyone else. Albuquerque's economy is still the worse in the nation, maybe now Berry will be held accountable for his horrible policies.

Maybe now those who run this town will start pointing their fingers at Berry for how low Albuquerque has drifted.

Anonymous said...

Another black eye for New Mexico in Governing Magazine: