Tuesday, December 01, 2015


There can be no better indictment of the abysmal leadership of Governor Susana Martinez and Mayor Richard Berry than their total silence on the Climate Change meetings in Paris.  We live in one of the best situated landscapes in the world for producing solar and wind power, and yet they have sent no one to these talks to help move us towards a more healthy planet.  Many governors and mayors from around the country and world are in Paris.

Have the Governor or Mayor, or any other elected officials, done one thing in this state to drop our dependance on fossil fuels.  And don't think they cannot.  For example, State and City building codes could be modified to demand solar panels on every single new structure built in this Land of Enchantment. Has anyone in the legislature or city council even attempted to bring this up?  It will be cheaper in the long run to do this than picking up the pieces from an over heated Earth.

This speaks to the absolute cowardice in face of fossil fuel money funding campaigns in this state.  Somewhere there must be a pol willing to take them on.  But they sure are not residing in most of the Governor's or Mayor's offices around  New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you. Where are they? Martinez repealed the green building codes b/c that was a Richardson policy. So, that explains why we are not exploiting our wind and solar energy. At every opportunity, they support fossil fuel and ignore the potential of this great state. Meanwhile, all of her state agencies are asking for more money from resolving the rape kit backlog to building an orphanage for CYFD. But there is no money. Oil and gas is crashing, no investment in solar and wind and not discussion of legalization of pot, which brings our neighbor in Colorado about$100 million in new revenue. NM could sure use that money. This is the Republican way now. The political bottom feeders enrich themselves and the friends (hello Jay McClesky) and the rest of us can fight for the crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Call it climate change, global warming its all a HUGE JOKE. It's just another thing people and politicians throw out when they can't think of anything else to talk about. The real issues in this world are not those topics. Crime should be the umber one thing folks should be talking about and fixing...

Bubba Muntzer said...

New Mexico has an opening to make a name for itself in green energy, because of what Jim and said and because no one else is. Germany for crissakes leads the world in solar. We already make solar panels here now. We could be creating tons of jobs (note to commenter concerned about crime; prosperous localities don't have crime) making and intalling and maintaining vast solar fields and selling that energy to the rest of the country.

A progressive Democratic Party would be pushing this. Another thing we could do is take advantage of the virtual explosion in the demand for organic foods, which are steadily crowding out non organics on even my local Smith's and John Brooks supermarkets' shelves. There are farmers in northern New Mexico who tell how they easily made the transition to organic because historically they couldn't afford chemical fertilizers anyway. New Mexico seems uniquely situated in cultural terms to make a statewide consensus on things like this possible. Even farmers, organized, could have the legislature make New Mexico the first and only all organic state. With a little wiser use of our water, i.e. state assisted transitions to less wasteful irrigation systems, we could be shipping that stuff all over the nation.


Anonymous said...

Yes Jim Susie is to blame as well as tricky dicky but where are the " mad as hell Dems "? Since Sam Bregman became the Dems honcho and marched them into the ground, no,and I mean no Dem has bothered to put up any challenges to the Susie and Dicky pay to play politics. If this keeps up we are in for more of Jays " politics my way"! Eight years of this and not a challenge, but come election time every Dem running for office will say I told you so. Only it will be too late!!
By the way don't count on good ole Hector to come the rescue. He has already proved he has no Huevos.