Monday, December 21, 2015

Off the Hook

Quietly under cover of the Governor's Xmas party our new Secretary of State, Brad Winter, will show  up in Santa Fe to start his one year stint at raising his retirement paycheck, er, I mean enforcing campaign election laws.  He is off the hook from any media heat as the Piiiiiizza party continues to resonate.

No matter that Winter was picked over much more qualified people who wanted the appointment.  One wonders why the Governor picked him.  Could it be her close friendship with Brad Winters's wife, Nan?  Maybe, but I am betting on the penchant for the Governor to be in complete control as we enter next year's election cycle.  After that she is a total lame duck and doesn't have to worry about who is watching GOP campaign shenanigans, because she will be in rehab.....oh, no wait, she will be trying to recover her reputation as a sober pol, so she might be able to make waves on the national scene.

Will our state's newspapers chime in with some editorials on the Governor's behavior?  They should start appearing on Tuesday.  I can't wait to see what the rightwing protector of the Governor, the editor of the Journal will do.  They fairly reported the story, but will they take a stand on her outrageous drunken behavior?  You just can't pretend that those audio tapes don't exist and that she doesn't deserve a little comeuppance.  Rumors are that some reporters had already been asking knowledgeable persons about her drinking habits.

For us political junkies,  last week was a really cool holiday gift!


Anonymous said...

Jim it would be nice to find out why when Valentino was hired there were no objections from Hanna or Susie. Good ole Brad is the missing link. Now as his reward for saying nothing about how all three were in on the selection, he is triple dipping or is it quadruple? PAY TO PLAY at its best. These clowns make Bill look tame, but next week we will be in last place on another list and life goes on in the land of entitlement and peeetzzzaaa.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that the Santa Fe New Mexican editorialize that Winter should step down as City Councillor yet the Albuquerque Journal editors have said nothing!
Any bets???

New Mexican said...

Much as I dislike the governor this is too much for me. So embarrassing! Embarrassing for me, embarrassing for Republicans, embarrassing for New Mexicans in general and especially embarrassing for NM Hispanics of all political stripes.

This in light of our being embarrassed by former Secretary of Stare Diana Duran. The Southern NM Hispanics ought to take a second look at the folks they offer up for office. It is not like if we can't come up with our own idiots on occasion.

It was always known that Susana was a very vindictive self absorbed individual.

We can thank the Republicans for this "view" of New Mexico that we now have to deal with. The only good thing is that the Republicans will suffer at the polls come next election.

Adios Susana, que te vaya bien....

Donald F Schiff said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone has known for quite some time Susana has been hitting the bottle hard. She is also an avid fan of Xanax. Most of the people who work with her know this and even provided documentation of it to Gary King during the 2014 election. He declined to go with it. In one sense, can you blame her? Her reign has landed our state at the bottom of the pile in every category. Even though the Journal protects her like a mother would her newborn, Susana has to have glimpses of reality. What is interesting are the questions not asked. Who was in the room with her that evening? Whose name was the room registered in? Was her sister really there? If so, with her handicap, should adult protective services be called in? How was the extravagant party at the Eldorado paid for? State funds can't be used for such. Was Jay there? And why isn't the Journal going to mention it again? They are every bit as corrupt as the politicians they are protecting. All very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Only had 1 1/2 drinks? Must have been huge glasses. She is shit faced and any good cop would hear it in her slurred speech. Bet she also had bloodshot and watery eyes and needed help standing.