Tuesday, December 22, 2015


NASA released this profound photo of Earth rising over the moon.  It is beautiful, fragile, tiny and vulnerable.  So why put some one like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in a influential position on our planet.  Yeah, I am politicizing a photograph of our home.  Just can't help myself.


Bubba Muntzer said...

NASA's photo of the earth is political by it's existence. Space exploration has been accomplished by governments, that is, the collective will of the people.

In your previous post you talk about charter schools and the fracturing of our nation. Charter schools are part of the privatization agenda. Privatization -- achieved by an artificial construct known as property rights, by which what belongs to all of us magically becomes the property of someone -- by its nature fractures us.

Elon Musk decides what his space program does and he gets all the benefits of it. We the people decided to go to the moon and we share in the benefits in many ways, including having the right to that picture, and including being able to say we did that. Together. Many people don't think of it like that but that's only because they haven't been reminded lately. There's not an ad telling them but there should be. I hate to pound on the poor Democrats again but they should be reminding us all the time of our collective accomplishments, like going to the moon and to Pluto and having good highway systems and good water and a retirement system that lets seniors retire in dignity instead of to the poor farm, and that reduced the senior poverty rate from more than 40 percent to the same as the general population, etc., etc., etc. Conservatism would destroy it all. Democrats need to wake the eff up. Stop giving them money and stop voting for them. That would do it in a hurry.

Vicki said...

If the world's population could vote, Cruz and Trump together wouldn't even get 5%.