Tuesday, December 01, 2015


We went to see the movie "Trumbo" yesterday.  For some reason all I could think about during the feature was today's GOP.  Mainly I was thinking about Trump, Cruz, and the rest of that clown posse.  They would  have been right at home on the House Un American Activities Committee.  They would have been champions there for the persecution of free speech, writing and dissent.  Damn, I really don't like these characters.  Do yourself a favor and go see this great entertainment.  You will be in a theater with mostly white haired people.

The Albuquerque Journal editorial on the importance of giving taxpayer money to businesses to stay here or locate here got me thinking how upside down things have become. I recognize this is a necessary thing to do, but what is occurring here is that is all the Journal and its GOP owners want to do.  They don't want taxpayer money funding safety nets, food assistance, and health insurance for our fellow Americans.  They just want subsidies for American Corporations.


Anonymous said...

Until NM's social conditions are addressed, we are not going to attract the high paying dollar jobs. You can give away land, give corporations money all you want, but until we try to address poverty, crime and the associated ills of DUI, murder and the biggest city in the state being completely mismanaged and being run into the ground. Does GE or IBM really want to relocate to the most violent state in the country? That's what's happened under Martinez.

And, instead of building an alternative energy plan with our abundant solar and wind, Martinez's crew stops all of this progress to support the fossil fuel industry that is dying. Yup, that the Republican party clown show that has been ruining our state for the last 5 years. Let's hope we still have a semblance of a state by the time she leaves office.

Michelle Meaders said...

I'm afraid that small amount of money will be used up on the bureaucracy of three cabinet offices. And they probably can't move quickly enough to fill the need. By the way, will people be paid while they are in training?

What I noticed about that article was that there was no reference to the groups that are already training welders and other skilled tradespeople -- Union Apprenticeships! I bet they could gear up quickly to add a class for a specialty, like they do now for Journeyman Advancement.

Do we know what is available already? Either in training programs or in people already trained, and preferably experienced? In the meantime, we're losing skilled people because they can't find work.