Saturday, December 05, 2015


Ignorance is bliss for Governor Susana and Mayor Berry.  After receiving state funds for workforce training and tax relief, the bio tech firm NanoMR is pulling out of New Mexico for California.  You know, that place with higher taxes and more regulations.

The question  here is, did the Governor or Mayor even know this was happening?  Did they ever make one effort to go to the new owners, sit down with them and just make a case for staying in an economically devastated New Mexico.  (thanks to the lack of leadership of the Mayor and Governor.)

How much longer can this kind of ignorance is bliss attitude last in our state's leadership?  Probably a long time.

At the same time in today's Journal the paper reports that fossil fuel energy sector workers are having a tough time. Yes, they are and it  is sad.  But the Journal hasn't said much about their own workers being laid off and replaced by cheap labor in another state.  Couldn't they make a comment about those customer service employees being slammed?   Just asking.


Bubba Muntzer said...

..and taking most of their 29 employees with them to San Diego.

It's not reported how many have families, but it's a further exodus of brains and talent, including in this case people we paid to train. That's apparently what most of our free $70K in handouts consisted of. When you hear the term "corporate welfare" this is it.

The poor Journal reporter apparently didn't know what to do so went around talking to other people in the Albuquerque investment community, whose statements reveal the limits of their business oriented, politically conservative way of seeing the world. They think if we only had more investment money to throw around we could have kept this company. Forget that this company took the investment money we gave them and took off with it, as other companies have been doing, and forget what California did that attracted these companies. It never enters their minds.

The company specifically cites that it "needs to be closer to the skilled pool of scientists and engineers available in the San Diego area, as well (as) development partners, suppliers and clinical diagnostic expertise there."

That encompasses a lot, not just education. How did California come to have its "skilled pool of scientists and engineers" and it's "development partners, suppliers and clinical diagnostic expertise"?

It's easy to say that they had progressive thinkers and liberal Democrats in charge, the opposite of what we have here, although that's really a meaningless oversimplification. What's clear is that there's not even an alternative line of thinking to the one Susana Martinez, Mayor Berry and the investors quoted by the Journal are peddling. People who leave take their ideas with the. Those who stay aren't taken seriously and eventually give up.

We're in a bad place. Clueless. And it's a long way from where we are to where places like California are. It's time to start expanding the pool of ideas outside the common wisdom that's acceptable to cautious and self interested elected Democrats and to the local and national news business and the columnists they employ. That well is empty.

Anonymous said...

The story of the hiring of the APD Training Director, who was under investigation by her old department, is going to be the last straw for Gorden Eden. It is very clear that he violated APD SOP, City Regulations and the DOJ Consent decree by not having a complete background investigation done prior to hiring Jessica Tyler. Now it comes out that APD never spoke to BCSO and that BSCO was investigating Tyler for lying to the sheriff and misappropriating county funds ($25,000) and tipping off a target of an Internal Affairs investigation. Now it appears she my be de-certified as a New Mexico Police Officer. Yet Eden, Berry and Perry say she is the best person for the job! Well with this administration she probably fits right in. This is just like APS Superintendent Valentino hiring his friend Martinez without a background investigation. Martinez was facing child sex charges in Colorado. It cost Martinez his job, this debacle should cost Eden his job. Maybe even Perry. Oh my what would Berry do without Perry?

Anonymous said...

Most of the 29 employees are moving with the company to San Diego, according to the Journal. I'm guessing that wasn't a hard sell. So, more brain drain and lost spending power in pobre New Mexico that 29 additional call-center jobs won't make up.

Anonymous said...

Only atAPD do hireings like this take place. Seems like more and more they hire other agency's rejects. So it stands to reason why so many lawsuits, so much low morale so few real cops! Not to worry though, Jay will find a way to blame Marty then Bill, anyone but the doufless puppet in charge.