Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Easy As Pie

If Susana Martinez ever sits in front of a Senate Confirmation Committee, think how easy it will be to dismantle her highly propped up resume.  Think of the charts one could put on an easel for the Senators to see.  You could start with one on comparing New Mexico's High School graduation rate with the rest of the country.  (That would be number 50.)  Or you could show New Mexico's ranking on job creation, poverty, population decline, corruption, and oh so many more things.

And if she decides to run for the US Senate, just think of the TV Commercials you could make.  You could just show those charts, pictures of her political advisor Mccluskey, and her good bud Diana Duran doing a perp walk into the local lockup.

The real question is, what happens in the next two years?


Bruce Shah said...

The answer to your question is also 'Easy As Pie': nothing.

Anonymous said...

I hope she does sit in front of a committee any committee and wears that damn denim vest, it would be icing on the bologna sandwich. It would even be funnier if they asked her to answer in Spanish . YOU GO GIRL. LMFAO!!

Anonymous said...

For NM's Democratic Party, nothing is easy as pie. They will stumble, bumble, and eventually say the wrong thing. They need to put forwards an alternative agenda, speak to the people about what they could have and are being denied by the policies of the current administration. Tell me about universal should care and university tuition, tell me about new public medical, dental, veterinary, and law schools, Tell me about expanded infrastructure projects to help people, businesses, utilities, and governments. Tell me about your positive images and plans to help New Mexico grow, develop, and prosper. Stand up and say it loud and often. That is the only way forwards for New Mexico's Democratic Party.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Amazing. I can see it all now. You should have been in TV.