Monday, February 08, 2016


As we sat around the Super Bowl last night wondering why they abandoned Roman Numerals for numbering the event, and went with the regular 50 numeral instead of L for 50, we kind of decided that most people wouldn't know what L meant.  Do they even teach Roman numerals anymore?  I learned them, but mostly forgot them, but I know what L stands for in the system.  It came slowly.

Just like what is now happening in New Mexico.  People, ever so slowly, are beginning to realize just what a incompetent Governor we have.  Every day another little factoid spits itself out to the media, and to its credit even the Journal has started, reluctantly I'm sure, to see the obvious.  The Queen on the 4th floor has no clothes.

In the ABQ Journal Business section this morning they listed the decline of home values in NM since 2007.  Sure, all home values declined just about everywhere.  But everywhere has seen a rise to higher levels while NM is still in the landfill of economic indicators.

Maybe the fact that this is happening would be our falling population and ranking as having the worse unemployment problem in the U.S.  And if one listens carefully, the business community is starting to realize that there isn't much leadership on getting things better.  And they should include themselves in that  equation.

Have you ever noticed how much  political leadership, bad or good, suffers in the last half of a second term?  Instead of having two four year terms, I think sometimes one six year term would be sufficient before the leaders suffer from voter fatigue.  Along with a constitutional amendment for a six year term would be a provision for recall of statewide elected officials.  Such a recall would need some effort to pull off, but if there was enough outrage it could be done.

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Anonymous said...

Berry's second term started off the first year with more APD shootings, including the shooting of homeless camper James Boyd pronounced justified by Chief Eden, followed by the DOJ findings of APD's culture of violence, the DOJ consent decree and ending with Albuquerque's continuing its downward economic spiral. Berry's second year of his second term included skyrocketing violent crime rates, the road rage killing of a 4 year old and of a cop without sufficient back up, a police department seriously under staffed, an $8 million settlement to the Boyd family and two cops charged with murder, not to mention even worse economic news. We still have almost two years left in Berry's second term with the prospect of him being the next Governor of New Mexico. Only in New Mexico! One four year term for this clown was enough.