Thursday, February 25, 2016


We are sitting here in PV listening to CNN's so called debate amongst the biggest pack of xenophobes in recent AMERICAN history as they talk about Mexican people as if they were Jews in 1930's Germany.  It is hard to hear and would even be harder to explain to Mexicans you meet on the street.  I think there is a social breakdown in our democracy, brought on by 8 years of pure republican led hatred of a black American President.  It is not gong to end well.


Proud Dem said...

You're wrong Mayor Baca. It is going to end very well. The democratic nominee is going to wipe the floor with Tramp's bleach blonde hair weave, and the democrats will retake the US Senate,and he/she will fill the seat of the dispicable Antonin Scalia. On November 8th Tramp will feel the whip and the sting of the Latino vote.

Proud Dem

New Mexican said...

You, Mr trump and myself have this figured out, and you are 100% right:

"I think there is a social breakdown in our democracy, brought on by 8 years of pure republican led hatred of a black American President. It is not gong to end well."

That is the reason for Trump and the others. 24/7/365 anti President Obama programming on talk radio and Christian television. And a whole lot of church pews to boot. The hatred of President Obama has been the most racist I have ever seen. The racists have tried to hide ther hatred behind various issues, but most have seen through it.

I have no idea what the eventual outcome will be but I do know that they have succeeded in uniting the racists behind the Republican brand. You don't think Trump figured that out? What will the Democrats do if they win back the Presidency, House and Senate.

Even the Republicans lose on this one.

Jim Baca said...

It won't end well because violence is brewing.

Anonymous said...

As if you know anything about violence mr I'm in Martha's Vineyard this week and Puerto Vallarta next week.

Jim Baca said... are a funny twisted guy. And I do mean twisted.

Anonymous said...

You're a funny viagra steeped jelly bean!

Bubba Muntzer said...

When George HW Bush said during the 1988 election campaign;

“I will never apologize for the United States of America, ever. I don’t care what the facts are.”

he successfully re-established nationalism as a trope of conservative politics. Never mind that people like Bush and Donald Trump are in no way nationalistic, or patriotic as we like to call it. They and other members of that class hobnob with each other around the world and do business on their private islands irrespective of nationality. Their interests, and their lack of interest in the interests of the country where they happen to live, coincide exactly.

In a previous post about the current Republican campaign someone commented: "Apologizing for being an American. Seriously!?!?"

It's kind of childish to believe, automatically and without evidence, that the place where you happen to have been born is also the greatest place on earth, but it also makes sense that so many people are nationalistic, and why nationalism provides so much ever ready red meat for an intellectually immature public.

And it's because of the way nationalism dovetails with racism, and replaces it in discourse. Global Capitalism has always been based in racist policies. Certain people always reserved the right to take the resources of other people, and to exploit and otherwise enslave other people, and justified it with racially based characterizations of those people. American exceptionalism is precisely white supremacy. We don't bomb white people and don't assassinate them with drones.

The problem is what to do about it. Education can help, and can help establish the conditions for what I think over time has been the most realistic antidote for racism and nationalism and that is to simply replace them with other things. Change the discourse. Change what is socially acceptable to say and do. Put formerly oppressed people in high profile places, invite gay couples to your picnics. Remove the public space that has been allowed to open up for the reasons cited by New Mexican.

Your childishly nationalistic, racist commenters should look at a new survey released by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, in which he finds our young people to be surprisingly non nationalistic. They don't believe in "American Exceptionalism" and they see themselves first as citizens of the world.

Considering the implications that has for the future, it's is the most heartening thing I've heard in a long time. It's implications of course are the prospect for the beginnings of worldwide working class solidarity, and for the end of imperialism, by which the world's most powerful, very savage nation is keeping the world destabilized and in turmoil.

Anonymous said...

First, you need to ban this Bubba person. His arguments are entirely too well written and argued. I don't ever see him being onstage in a Republican debate. For one thing, he uses words such as "trope." My guess is that the Donald and Marco would find this offensive.

And now, finally, the point: Take a minute to read Ross Douthat in today's NY Times. He is the Times token conservative op-ed writer. Today, he has a humdinger. He pins the blame for the rise of Trump on ... wait for it ... Obama. Trump is all Obama's fault. Seriously, that's what the man argued.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Jim Baca censors shit he doesn't like. Period. And if this is posted its confirmation another posting was not.

Anonymous said...

Go apologize to Isis Bubba and Jim. Let us know how that works for you.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Well Mr Anonymous that's actually a pretty clever rhetorical device to conflate the deed with the word like that. I'll grant you that.

When I was a kid we were taught "It takes a big person to apologize." There's lesson behind that most Middle Easterners probably wouldn't expect the average American bigot to have learned. They'd settle I'm sure for us not destroying any more of their homes and hospitals and towns. They understand the difference between the word and the deed.

They'd probably be fine if we stopped busting into their houses at night, putting the parents and kids and grandparents in one room and raping the 12 year old daughter in another and then shooting her in the head and then burning her body to try and destroy the evidence like those US soldiers did in Iraq that night. I don't know about you but I can't live with that and I am, indeed, sorry I didn't do more at the time to prevent it and haven't done more to stop it because it's still going on. I just hope you would never try your little word games on that Iraqi girl's Mom and Dad.