Monday, February 15, 2016


Solar Tax Credits on the state level are in danger of once again being scrapped.  This is one growth industry that  needs increased  velocity.  Given the horrible condition of the state's budget it will be a real fight to get these credits in place.  But if they are not enacted, then at the same time every dime in subsidies to the fossil fuel boys has to be eradicated.  If not, you can get a really good picture of who runs our legislature and Governor's office.

Our son and his family had wanted to visit us over Easter weekend.  Our corporate airline system wanted to charge them more for tickets to Albuquerque than they would have charged for tickets to Hawaii or Europe.  They live near Syracuse, New York.  Maybe our US Senators and Congressional delegations could hold some hearings on why this bizarre fare system exists and why the screws are being put to Albuquerque.

The fact that the catholic church is still forbidding contraception in South America in the face of the Zika virus shows just how out of touch that crumbling institution has become.  All of the good that this current Pope is doing is just negated by this silly and imbecilic policy.

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