Saturday, February 13, 2016


The Democrats who voted down a bill that would create a planning group on how our huge capital funding bills are spent should bow their heads in shame.  They are acting like two bit little pols in taking care of  their pet projects instead of looking out for the well being of their entire district and the State as a whole.   It is like their own little slush fund.  This is corruption, Shame on you.

At the same time the GOP in Santa Fe is a gutless group in not recognizing the need for raising revenues in this horrible economic environment brought on by our Governor.  Taxes must be raised. A gas tax and increase in property tax would do.  Put a sunset on the increases some three to five  years in the future, and then revisit  the issue.

Our legislature has turned into a sophomoric drinking party.  No real work is being done and we sink ever lower in rankings of the other 49 states.


New Mexican said...

The quote noted below from today's edition of the Santa Fe New Mexican worth considering.

"Lawmakers from rural areas opposed it, saying they believed important projects in their districts would be downgraded or ignored if they lost a direct say-so in the process."

I think they "lawmakers from rural areas" may have a point. We need to keep in mind that there is a New Mexico outside of the Rio Grande corridor.

Anonymous said...

Yea, now that New Mexico OUTSIDE the Rio Grande Corridor NEEDS TO VOTE!!!